Information to Provide to Your DUI Attorney

You have been arrested for a DUI. You hired a DUI attorney to put together a strong defense on your behalf. But your DUI attorney is only as good as the information you provide him. DUI Attorney in Memphis

In putting together a strong DUI defense, you will need to provide your attorney with the following information:

-          Your driving record – by assessing your driving history, your attorney can properly advise you as to whether your should accept a plea bargain in your DUI case. A DUI conviction can result in an accumulation of driving points, which in some cases can lead to a license suspension.

-          Your criminal history

-          All exculpatory evidence

-          Prior police reports by the arresting officer – your attorney will learn a lot about your arresting officer by reading his other police reports. This information will be invaluable in preparing a good defense.

-          Accident reconstructionist and other accident reports – if your DUI case involved a major accident, your attorney will most likely consult an accident reconstructionist. This will provide insight as to the surrounding conditions, which may have been the reason for your accident, rather than your driving.

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When you hire a DUI attorney, you can be confident that your attorney will work hard to put together an aggressive defense to either reduce or dismiss the DUI charges, without raising red flags that could set back your case.

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