Arrested for a DUI As a Result of a Tipster?

The facts surrounding a DUI arrest resulting from a “tipster” call to the police must be analyzed by a Memphis DUI attorney to determine the legality of both the stop and the resulting charges. In order for this to be a valid arrest, evidentiary and legal requirements must exist. Memphis TN DUI Lawyers

Legally speaking, the police cannot simply pull over a vehicle identified by a tipster as a drunk driver. By law, the police have to observe the driver either doing something that would otherwise justify a drunk driving stop or violating some traffic law that, in and of itself, would justify the stop. In other words, the police need a valid reason to pull over the driver of a car that was reported by a tipster as a possible drunk driver. However, the problem is that since arresting officers know they need an independent reason to stop a car for a possible DUI, they will note something to that effect in their notes, even if not true.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

This is where the representation of a Memphis DUI attorney is invaluable. Your attorney evaluate the facts surrounding your case to determine whether there was any valid reason for the police to pull you over, other than the anonymous phone call of a tipster. If not, then the DUI charges will likely be dismissed.

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