Field Sobriety Test: Walk & Turn Test

Field sobriety tests (FSTs) administered by arresting police officers in a DUI case leave plenty of room for a Memphis DUI attorney to challenge the validity of the resulting arrest and charge.Memphis TN DUI Law Firm

Not all officers who use these FSTs as a preliminary DUI assessment have been properly trained to administer and interpret the tests. Accurate administration requires that officers follow strict guidelines. All FSTs must be administered under certain rules mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Administration of the Walk & Turn Test

Proper administration of the Walk and Turn Test is no exception in that it must meet certain conditions. The ground where the test is to be given must be level, hard, dry, and non-slippery. Even under the most optimal conditions, giving this test to the elderly, people with leg injuries, or people with inner ear problems may invalidate the test results. Officers may still administer the test, but doing so will typically provide a DUI defense.

Your Memphis DUI attorney will check to see if the officer who administered the test met the following guidelines:

-          Instructed you put your left foot on the line and right foot heel-to-toe in front of it

-          Ensured that you understood that you had to remain in this position while the officer was giving the instructions

-          If you came out of this position, the officer stopped giving the instruction until you resumed the position

-          Informed you not to begin until instructed to do so

-          Demonstrated several heel-to-toe steps

-          Asked you to count the first step from the heel-to-toe position as the first step

-          If there was any staggering, stumbling, or other such disruptions to the routine, instructed you to continue from that particular point

We Can Help

However much an arresting officer may think that he is well trained or that he administered the FST perfectly, there is still room for error. So, if you are facing DUI charges, it is in your best interest to consult with Memphis DUI attorney David Willis to see if your DUI charge can be dismissed based on lack of proper evidence.

For a free consultation with David Willis, please call (901) DUI-DAVE.

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