Initial Interview with Your Memphis DUI Attorney

The initial interview with your Memphis DUI attorney is important because you will discuss key issues regarding your drunk driving defense, establish expectations for your case, and lay some groundwork. During this initial interview, you will discuss various matters such as the incidents surrounding your arrest, the nature of your charges, penalties and likelihood of a dismissal at trial, and lastly the steps that need to be taken to properly prepare for the trial.DUI Attorneys in Memphis TN

Provide a Comprehensive Chronology of Events Surrounding Your DUI Arrest

In properly preparing for a drunk driving trial, your lawyer needs to know the specific details surrounding your DUI arrest. This includes a chronology of everything that happened from several hours before your arrest to the time of your release from police custody. You will also need to recount what you ate, exactly how many and what type of alcoholic drinks you consumed, and the length of time you consumed the food and drinks. Without these details, your attorney may not be able to put together the solid defense you need to win your case.

Provide a Record of Prior Convictions

It is also very important for you to provide details of every single previous incident that you have had with law enforcement. Prior records of conviction include any motor vehicle violations, as well as criminal convictions. This information is critical to the preparation of your current DUI case for two reasons. First, any prior convictions will mostly likely affect the possibility of plea negotiations with the prosecution. Secondly, any prior conviction may be the basis for a mandatory jail sentence, so your attorney needs to prepare a defense accordingly. Always be one hundred percent honest with your lawyer.

Let Us Help

We have years of experience fighting for your rights. If you have been arrested for a drunk driving charge, you need legal help as quickly as possible. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Memphis DUI attorney David Willis, please call The Willis Law Firm at (901) DUI-DAVE.

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