DUI Information


Organizations that can help:

National College for DUI Defense- www.ncdd.com
Your potential DUI Defense Attorney should be a member of this group; if not, my advice is to find one on this site in your area.

National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers- www.nacdl.org

DUI.COM- www.dui.com
The name says it all, a website dedicated to providing information for anyone facing DUI charges.

Useful websites on DUI Infomation:

Mr. Lawerence Taylor’s DUI Blog- www.duiblog.com
Larry Taylor is considered one of the top DUI Defense Attorneys in the US and is one of the founding members of National College for DUI Defense.

Mr. Steven Oberman’s Website- www.tndui.com
Steve is located in Knoxville, TN and should be your first call if you have a DUI charge in Knoxville. Website is loaded with plenty of TN DUI information.

What is your BAC?- http://www.intox.com/wheel/drinkwheel.asp
Plug in your numbers and obtain an estimate of your BAC. Remember, this is only an estimate and the machines can be WRONG for lots of reasons.

Find out at http://jssi.co.shelby.tn.us/